19 Sep. 2022

[Updates] All software updated for September 2022

27 Oct. 2020

Expert's words: Jorge Ivanovich

3D generalist in Argentina

27 Oct. 2020

We have tested for you: Corona 6

20 Aug. 2020

Expert's words: Adam Crowley

Wellcom - Director of Motion

10 Aug. 2020

We have tested for you:


17 Jun. 2020

I have tested for you: the lockdown.

15 Jun. 2020

Expert's words: Alex J Jefferies

Director at MDI Digital Ltd

22 May. 2020

Expert's words: Fabio Cerrito

Head of VFX department at Frame by Frame

19 May. 2020

We have tested for you: V-Ray 5

Beta version of Chaos Group's renderer

19 Apr. 2020

Expert's words: Thomas Beaujoin

3D Graphic Designer at L'Espace