computer graphics

22 May. 2020

Expert's words: Fabio Cerrito

Head of VFX department at Frame by Frame

19 Apr. 2020

Expert's words: Thomas Beaujoin

3D Graphic Designer at L'Espace

10 Jan. 2020

Expert's words: Philippe Llerena

TD lighting and compositing

10 Dec. 2019

Expert's words: Simone Nastasi

3D Generalist

08 Jul. 2019

Experts' words: Guillaume Bricout and Gary Jeannot, Studio Oracle

08 Jul. 2019

We have tested for you: Corona 4 for 3ds Max and C4D

Caustics at last!

07 Jun. 2019

Expert's words: Jano Booysen, co-owner at The Kinetic

07 Jun. 2019

We have tested for you: tyFlow, a particle plugin for 3ds Max

13 May. 2019

Expert's words: Nicolas Caplat, CG Supervisor and 3D graphic designer

04 Apr. 2019

We have tested for you: Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 Touch

10 Jan. 2019

Expert's words: Bartosz Domiczek, archviz studio owner

10 Jan. 2019

We have tested for you: Corona 3 for Cinema 4D

06 Nov. 2018

We have tested for you: Pixar's RenderMan 22 

05 Nov. 2018

Expert's words: Pierre Auriac, associate managing director at Néomonde

10 Oct. 2018

Expert's words: Jérémy Angonin, co-founder and LookDev TD of Hocus Pocus

10 Oct. 2018

We have tested for you: Cinema 4D R20 by Maxon

12 Jul. 2018

Expert's words: Fabienne Le Gall, marketing director at RANCH Computing

04 Apr. 2018

Expert's words: Dax Pandhi, co-founder of QuadSpinner

12 Mar. 2018

Ranch Computing has doubled its GPU calculation power

06 Mar. 2018

Expert's words: Alwyn Hunt, co-founder of The Rookies Awards

05 Oct. 2017

A concrete article about textures

31 Aug. 2017

50 shades of grey or iridescence secrets

24 May. 2017

We have tested for you: Corona 1.6, even more speed and new features

10 Apr. 2017

Expert's words: Christophe Martin, Com par l'image