Expert's words: Fabio Cerrito

Head of VFX department at Frame by Frame

22 May. 2020

After graduating at the Architecture University of Rome, Fabio Cerrito started his career as exhibit designer and quickly became a 3D generalist. After 8 years at Double Negative in London as Senior FX TD, he returned to Italy and now is Head of VFX at Frame by Frame, one of Italy’s leading VFX and branding agency servicing global media & entertainment.

VFX, ads, post-prod, sound, design… You cover a very wide area of expertise at Frame by Frame. Is that the key of success?

Absolutely yes! As it happens in every type of industry, differentiating the areas of expertise is the recipe of success and VFX/post production market is no exception.

Over the years, thanks to the vision of the founders (Davide Luchetti and Lorenzo Foschi) and the people who believed in this “project”, we managed to be involved in every process and, by investing in resources and infrastructure, to build the expertise that distinguishes us in the Italian as well as in the international market, excelling in each field of the industry.

By covering a vast area of action, we have become a 100+ professionist company with a “boutique” mentality, able to cover an entire production since the beginning till the very end of the process in the best possible way.

Italy, like most European countries, has been strongly hit by Covid. What changes do you think this disease will bring to the media and entertainment industry?

Among many other fields, the media and entertainment industry is one of the most hit but this tragedy and the consequences are not only for the immediate present but they will involve the future productions and the way they will approach their work.

Fortunately every cloud has a silver lining. To overcome some inevitable restrictions imposed during the shooting for health and security reasons, creative agencies and production houses will clearly have to rely even more on post production and VFX. The main purpose of VFX has always been to help the director to create what cannot be shot/created in the real world. Needless to say that these days the level of quality and the things that computer graphic can provide are endless, and if in the recent past, CG has been used to create for example incredible explosions, fantastic creature or imaginary worlds, these days it will and it must be used also to create what, just few weeks ago would have been shot on set.

You have over 15 years of experience in the VFX industry. What advice would you give to a rookie starting his career today? 

Even though today there are hundreds VFX companies scattered around the world, the VFX industry is in constant growth. thanks to the steady demand from the blockbuster movie productions and to the original contents that Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc has introduced,

The needs to have VFX companies able to deliver amazing visual effects is increasing daily.

Since this industry is based on technology, the real plus, especially for an emerging society would be to invest on the new areas of intervention, such as the digital make up and digital de-aging which are slowly but surely becoming a subcategory of the VFX world. Furthermore, backing to the previous question about the COVID, I would suggest to those who are in the process to start a new business in the industry, to specialise in those CG elements able to help directors in this historical moment: crowds or digidoubles will become necessary and surely become a growing field in the industry.