21 Oct. 2019

Even more power for the French leader of cloud rendering

08 Oct. 2019

GPU renderers

What's on the market?

25 Sep. 2019

Expert's words: Sylvain Delmé

Self-taught 3D and VFX artist

10 Sep. 2019

Back from Siggraph 2019

Announcements, exhibitors, keynotes...

10 Sep. 2019

Expert's words: Adrian Larsson

Jr Motion Designer at Fall Off The Wall

08 Jul. 2019

Experts' words: Guillaume Bricout and Gary Jeannot, Studio Oracle

08 Jul. 2019

We have tested for you: Corona 4 for 3ds Max and C4D

Caustics at last!

07 Jun. 2019

Expert's words: Jano Booysen, co-owner at The Kinetic

07 Jun. 2019

We have tested for you: tyFlow, a particle plugin for 3ds Max

13 May. 2019

Expert's words: Nicolas Caplat, CG Supervisor and 3D graphic designer